Reasons Why You Should Date an Older Woman at Some Point in Life

06/15/2015 11:18

Being a guy I have always preferred older women over the younger ones. I dated a younger girl once but it didn’t really didn’t last long. To me older women seem sexier and more intelligent as they have dealt with life changing experiences.

Almost all the older women are a killer when it comes to conversation. They will totally surprise you with an exceptionally good and intelligent conversation. They are a massive source of knowledge and you get to learn tones from them. And trust me intelligent people tend to get better and wiser with time. So why would you want to meet a girl at 22 when she can be even more amazing and diligent at 29 or 30?

These older women lot know precisely what they want out of their relationships and their life in general. They are pretty much devoted towards their career and will work passionately in order to achieve their goals whether they are personal, related to career or their relationship.

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They are well settled in their life and are independent. They do not seek the help of a man who would take care of everything; they have faced the ups and downs of life and are ready to accept all kinds of life’s challenges.

If you are thinking of spending a handsome sum on these women they will not ruin everything and they will definitely appreciate and value your genuine efforts. They know it’s not easy to get a nice man in to their life so they’ll probably not throw the relationship out of the window just for a stupid reason.

They are more open to trying different things out. They are open-minded and will comfortably convey their message to you. The beauty with older women is that they control a great deal in the relationship. Sometimes it’s pretty comforting for the men to be taken care of. And seriously who doesn’t like to be pampered?  I believe a little reversal of the roles might prove to be exciting and pleasurable for both persons.

Since these women have almost have had a life-time experience you get to learn a great deal from them. They are full of mysteries and that what you will love about them. They always have something up their sleeve to surprise you with. These women definitely know how to make you fall in love with them!